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Re: JVC service or questions

Shane Treat Posted Sep 25, 2005, in response to:Stacy Sample

Hi, I was wondering if anyone could provide some guidance. I have a camcorder (JVC GR-AXM310U) that won’t power up. I have tried the batteries and the charger / adapter, but all that happens is the red led on the power switch flashes once then turns off. The camera won’t power up. Is this something that is common, if so how can it be fixed? I am fairly handy with electronics, but I can’t find a service manual or anything for this. Any ideas or assistance would be appreciated. I have called a repair shop, but they wanted $45 (nonrefundable) just to look at it. I figure before I send it in I would see if I could repair it myself. Thank you in advance for your feedback. GR-AXM310U – Model Number


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