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Re: Error Codes Assistance

Chol Cloud Posted Sep 30, 2005, in response to:Stacy Sample

I got an H03 error message on my portable Panasonic DVD LS53 model. Got it fixed once but got the error back after 6 months. What can I do myself to fix the problem? The first fix was pretty costly. This is something Panasonic should address by doing a recall on this product. Thanks.


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    Can anyone help me. I own a Panasonic dvd/ cd player model number dvd-ls53 and I've done the spinning of the cd and also locking my settings but it doesn't work. Is there anything else I can do? Thanks.


    Re[2]: Error Codes Assistance

     betsy Posted Jan 02, 2007

    I read on another website that for the Error on a Panasonic LS53, if you unscrew the back (all the screws) and carefully remove and blow all the hair and dust that that will solve the problem. I have done so and the Error message is gone!


    Re[2]: Error Codes Assistance

     Dave Posted Oct 10, 2005

    I had the H03 error code as well....this is what I did...I just spinned the disc really hard and closed the lid....and guess what??? It played the disc...don't play copied DVDs, the LS52 doesn't like them and will not work or spin and read thus the H03 code. I had this problem for quite a long time, I even bought another portable player....try this and see if this works for you. ALSO....bring all settings to off and make your security lock, turn it off. This is what I did to get my LS53 running again.

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