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Leo Posted Sep 30, 2005, in response to:CRIS

Hi I have a V5000 and a V99 both vintage Hi-8 camcorders. Cosmetically they look very well since they are just in storage. But both will power up but have no image. can you help me get them working? Thanks!


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     GeorgeS Posted Feb 16, 2006

    The Sony V5000E Camera, has a redbutton on the lefthand . This is the button ment to start or stop the camera recording. There is a little black locker wich shifts over this red button, because this is the poweron locked situation. It blocks any action you'll try,until you slide this lock switch upwards, the red button for recording is free, you 'll have a picture in the viewfinder and you can record with the camera part of the V5000E. The power needs to be on, before you do this. Oi, hope his helps you on your way. This Sony V5000E is verry capable. And with a analog videodigitizer, wich come verry cheap nowa days, your on your way to become a multimedia lover off all the nice things. Manual will help, if you walk in to problems. And I have about a 1000 manuals, with mine toys. Bue, bye George



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