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Re: SONY C:13:01 ERROR

ct Posted Oct 09, 2005, in response to:anonymous

please help recover pictures from MS hi. can someone please help us recover very precious pictures of our little baby's first birthday. we have a sony dsc-s85 using a sony 128mb standard memory stick. i just encountered the C:13:01 error. but before attempting to format it, we would like to recover these pictures.... please help. thanks for any gracious advice.


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    Re[2]: SONY C:13:01 ERROR

     Jen Posted Feb 16, 2006

    Don't give up!!!! I've had this c:13:01 error several times and was able to recover my photos each time without using a recovery program or taking apart my camera (I'd be too afraid of that!) First, hook your camera up the the a/c adapter so you don't have to use your battery. Second, hook your camera up to your usb connection. (If you have windows XP: Then open "my computer" on your desktop. Windows xp has a native driver that will pick up the memory stick as soon as the computer is able to read the info) Take out your memory card and using both hands if you have to, hold the camera while pushing in really tight on the memory card. Keep working with it. Take it out and put it back in. Keep trying until the photos show up on your computer. You are trying to make the connectors inside the camera memory slot make more contact with the memory card, even if it is just for a few moments. Quickly and delicately download the photos all the while continuing to press on the memory stick. I'd say the loose connection is a large reason why the 13:01 shows up. I thought Sony put some sort of bug in there that will make it malfunction if you don't buy there super-expensive media cards but maybe that's not the case. After you get your photos safely into your computer and off the camera...go to the setup menu on the camera and then "format". This will erase everything on your card so be sure you downloaded the pictures first. Then the error should be gone. Good luck! I have a Sony DSC-F828 8.0 Megapixel camera but from what I've researched, I think this same technique works with many models. I wish SONY would give you a straight answer and some real help correcting this problem. I would love to throw the 100's of SONY items we own through their window!



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