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Webcam appears dark and no part of me is visible.

Braedan Ward Posted Dec 01, 2005

Whats wrong?

When i send my webcam it appears dark and you can't see me.What is going on? and when i try to save a picture it says the device cannot be found.


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    It's not the Driver, or settings. Even expensive web cameras are useless in low light. That's why the manufacturers don't publish the ISO ratings. Get a brand name camcorder with real optics, and at least 400ISO. That'll get decent video in the dark. Sony makes the best Camcorders, and Movie Cameras, just look at video blogs made with them. They make great video in most light that others can't handle.

    Comment 1, Last comment by charles costa Aug 04, 2008

    ok i have the same Problem on 2 different cams i thought it might be te drivers on the cam but i did all the uninstalling and reinstalling of the cam went out and got a new cam and it is doing the same thing so for some reason windows is not letting the video come through on the cam i can see cams no problem but when it comes to turing on the cam it is black and has nothing to do with the lighting either any one have any other sugesstions


    your web cam is a no lux cam. meaning needs light to operate. Most web cams needs lots of bright light to work properly. If you use it at night or in a low lit room (even if u have 1 bright overhead light lit) it will not work or appear dark. There are usually settings on the cam software to enhance the picture during low light times but that only goes so far and although it does help alot it will not solve the problem when the light is untimately too low. Best advice is to go out and buy a semi professional security cam for quick frame counts, good picture in low light and larger clearer images.

    Comment 1, Last comment by jack handy Jan 12, 2006


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