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Re[2]: C:13:01 Disk Error on Sony Mavica FD-71 Possible Solutions

Hugo Velazquez Posted Aug 23, 2006, in response to:Liz

Hey, I have tried so many different approaches as to how to solve this error. I have a DSC-F707. I have 3 - 128mb memory sticks and 1 - 64mb memory stick, all Sony and all the sudden non of them were reading it would pop up the same error. I tried the ERASER, I tried messing with the little prongs inside the camara that touch the memory sticks, I tried inserting each memory stick rapidly for more than 10 times and nothing ever worked. My last resort was a post on page 4 at the bottom about someone that bangged the camara a bit out of frustration and fixed it. BANG THE CRAP OUT OF YOUR CAMARA!, in everywhich angle. The first 5 blows didnt do it so I tried different areas to bang the camara and after like 10 times hitting it medium and softly with my palm it finally started reading ALL the memory sticks. I formatted them quickly just incase, but I dont think that that was the problem with my camara. USE THIS ALTERNATIVE AS YOUR LAST IF YOU DONT WANT TO PAY MONEY. I strongly recommend banging your camara to an extent that you dont break it if all else fails. HUGO


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