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Re: Error Codes Assistance

Kalervo Karppinen Posted Dec 09, 2006, in response to:Stacy Sample

I have Technics stero system SC-CA 1080 and it has worked fine many years untill now.Device shuts off after little more volume and error code F61 appears for few seconds.I power system on again and turn little bit more volume, same result again. Fan does work simultaneously with bass (not with how hot heat element is, strange solution).I have checked transistors, diodes and weldings, do I have to change expensive audio power module RSM 3403? With low wolume it works just fine, only moderate/hard volume gets out these symptons. Look forward to hear you.K.K.


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    Re[2]: Error Codes Assistance

     Jens Posted Jun 03, 2007

    In my case, this solved the problem. I got the new RSN 3403 from a other SC 1080 which i buyed on ebay (it was marked as defect, so i got it for a few bucks). Regards from germany, Jens



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