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Re: Error Codes Assistance

Martin Mc Cormack Posted Jun 21, 2007, in response to:Stacy Sample

I have a code error with a Funai DRV-B2737, Funai DRV-B2734 (I am not sure of the model number). I am getting a Recording Error code E4 54037380. It is playing discs ok and I thought it my be the DVD-RW discs I had but bought brand new ones and it is still not recording. The DVD Recorder has not been abused is any way!! It was hardly used.


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    Re[2]: Error Codes Assistance

     Simon Posted Aug 09, 2007

    just come to record tonight on my funai with error code e4 54037380 and i've had the same trouble as both of you.Only trouble is that my warranty has expired plus i don't use it very often.i don't like there web site it's shocking to find any info or propper help and support.But I do work for an electrical retailer i.m gunna have a word with the service department and see if they have come across this b4 or any answer. ill let you know what i find out and let me know if you've heard anything.may be a daff thing have any of you tried a disc cleaner cause i've not got axcess to 1 yet

    Comment 1, Last comment by Martin Mc Cormack Sep 26, 2007

    Hi Martin, Just read your message on regarding the error codes you are getting on your Funai DRV-B2737 or DRV-B2734. I wondered if you had found out what the problem was as I am getting exactly the same problems and can't seem to find an answer. Hope you have had success! Graham

    Comment 1, Last comment by Martin Mc Cormack Jul 29, 2007


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