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Re: JVC service or questions

David Anderson Posted Jul 03, 2007, in response to:Stacy Sample

Hello, I own a JVC HD-ILA tv model number HD-56G647. The problem we are having is with both the JVC control and the universal control we have, the tv sometimes will turn on and sometimes it won't. Also the volume sometimes works and other times it won't. When this is happing with the remotes, sometimes you can't imput either withe the remotes. We changed both remote batteries, still it happens. We have a year warranty, a free year warranty, and purchased another year warranty. Everytime we talk to the store Sam's Club, They tell us to bring it back to the store. And, the nearest service center is over 70 miles away! We went to a web site called JVC America/warranty&service and put in our model number HD-56G647 and it says on the print ou Labor 12 months, Parts 12 months--in home service. Can't JVC let us find a repair service person to come to my house or pick it up and the service place send JVC the bill since it is under warranty? I can't move my tv, I would be afraid it might damage it if I took it to a store like SAM's as I don't have a way to transport it. What can I do???? Thanks for any help.


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    David - I know its a long shot you will see this given the timing, but did you ever get a solution to this problem? This has started happening to my JVC within the past few weeks after 4 years of no problems. Any info would be greatly appreciated.



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