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Re[2]: JVC error codes assistance

mit_o Posted Jul 06, 2007, in response to:Stacy Sample

hi I work in the news on a small network station and have a JVC GY-DV500 camcorder. The problem thet occured to me is that my camera, when I tried to get my tape out, an error code 7101 was displayed. When I got the tape out and inserted it in again the tape got torn and the camera is displaying since then the error code 3200. Nothing is working. Please help! Our news crew has only two cameras and working without one is nearly immpossible. i would be grateful for a swift answer to my plea.


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    I had gotten the (I think) 7100 message with the tape stuck in. After taking the unit apart and removing the tape, I started getting a 3300 message. After tinkering with it, I found with the side of the unit off, and the circuit board removed (same as I did to get the tape out) there was a white plastic piece at the top of the tape transport that was stuck at the top of the mechanism, I used my screwdriver to gently push it in and up. Restarted the camera, and no more errors. I'm sorry if this doesn't explain it very well, but I know nothing about these camera and actually picked this up after getting that err_3300 about 5 years ago, and just on a whim deciding to be a bit more aggressive. In my case, it had something to do with the tape tranport/loading mechanism being partially stuck on it's way back up - which I had to do manually to originally get the tape out. I've been all over the net for a while and haven't seen this solution anywhere, so hopefully it helps someone.

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