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Re[3]: Error Codes Assistance

scott Posted Jul 09, 2007, in response to:Joshua

Just wanted to say I appreciate the advice.I have a ccd-trv118 camcorder that had the same c31:22 message. The model is four years old and I began having problems last year this time with the error. After two weeks of not knowing whether to send the unit in to be repaired(est $100-$300) or just buy a current model I angrily hit the camera. Amazingly, this worked and I had no problems for several months. However, the problem came back and that is when I found your advice on the prongs. Apparently these particular prongs need to be in a certain alignment with one another. Looking at the left set of prongs I simply pryed the one to the right of the bushing over and put a tape back in and the unit is now working flawlessly. I hope it continues to function properly. THANK YOU FOR THIS ADVICE. Appreciatively, Scott


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    Thanks this was a real pointer for me I dicovered that the small black roller bush had come loose from my camcorder, fortunatly I found it replaced it and all is fine! Great help



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