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Re: Sony DSC-S40 white LCD screen problem

Ridhi Posted Jul 11, 2007, in response to:Bob Allen

hi Bob ive had this camera for over three years and the screen has suddenly started going white and i have no idea what to do ..i tried your quick fix problem and still hasnt worked...i think i might be doing it wrong so could u please help me out and tell me again as to what to do. thanks


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    Hi Ridhi: Well, sorry to hear the 'Quick Fix' didn't work for you. I assume that it is totally out of warranty so you will have to contact Sony about service. And it could be something else other than the Sony DSC-S40 white/blank LCD screen curse. Make sure you take the batteries out before trying my 'Quick Fix' again and make sure the batteries you put back in the camera are new. 1. Hold camera firmly in left hand. 2. Smartly rap front of camera with knuckles of right hand on the "Cyber-shot" logo. Let me know if this has helped. Regards, Bob The Allens of Allentown, PA USA



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