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Re: Sony DSC-S40 white LCD screen problem

Shazzle Posted Jul 12, 2007, in response to:Bob Allen

Well I camera's LCD screen just went white yesterday and was browsing to see if i could fix it, and there you are Bob! Fantastic! Don't know if it'll last but it did the trick! Thank you xx


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    Hi Shazzle: You are certainly Welcome! Thank you for letting us know that my 'Quick Fix' helped you with your Sony DSC-S40 white/lank LCD screen problem. Glad I could be of assistance. My son's Sony DSC-S40 camera, the test subject for the discovery of the 'Quick Fix', had the 'Quick Fix' applied to it back in July of last year and is still working fine. While not scientifically accurate, I'm guessing that 99.9999% of the folks who take the time to reply say it has worked for them as well. Now that it is fixed, go forth and take more pictures! Regards, Bob The Allens of Allentown, PA USA



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