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C:13:01 Disk Error on Sony Mavica FD-71 Possible Solutions

Deb Posted Aug 09, 2003, in response to:anonymous

I received the Disk Error message on my Sony Mavica FD-71 digital camera tonight, so I searched the web to find some solutions. I found a few suggestions, so I took the camera apart but didn't take the actual disk drive apart. By the way, I had tried six different floppy disks in the camera--that all worked fine in my computer disk drive. I never took the time to reformat any of them using my computer.

I think one of the metal disk shutters (near the opening of the disk drive on the camera) was bent a little, so I straightened both of them. You can see the metal shutters--one on each side--after you push the black plastic door open with a small screwdriver or something. I used a small screwdriver and/or tweezers to straighten the metal shutters.

I was still getting a disk error message after doing this and after shining a flashlight inside the drive to see if there was anything else bent or some obstruction inside.

Then I decided to format (on my computer) one of the six disks I had tried in the camera (all said disk error when I tried them.) After I formatted the floppy disk, the camera worked fine. Then I inserted each of the other five disks into the camera, and the camera still worked fine, with no disk error messages.

Since I got some of my ideas from various places on the web, I thought I would post my experience with this, in case it might help others.



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