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C:13:01 Disk Error on Sony Mavica FD-71 Possible Solutions

Deb Posted Aug 09, 2003, in response to:anonymous

I received the Disk Error message on my Sony Mavica FD-71 digital camera tonight, so I searched the web to find some solutions. I found a few suggestions, so I took the camera apart but didn't take the actual disk drive apart. By the way, I had tried six different floppy disks in the camera--that all worked fine in my computer disk drive. I never took the time to reformat any of them using my computer.

I think one of the metal disk shutters (near the opening of the disk drive on the camera) was bent a little, so I straightened both of them. You can see the metal shutters--one on each side--after you push the black plastic door open with a small screwdriver or something. I used a small screwdriver and/or tweezers to straighten the metal shutters.

I was still getting a disk error message after doing this and after shining a flashlight inside the drive to see if there was anything else bent or some obstruction inside.

Then I decided to format (on my computer) one of the six disks I had tried in the camera (all said disk error when I tried them.) After I formatted the floppy disk, the camera worked fine. Then I inserted each of the other five disks into the camera, and the camera still worked fine, with no disk error messages.

Since I got some of my ideas from various places on the web, I thought I would post my experience with this, in case it might help others.



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    Hey, I have tried so many different approaches as to how to solve this error. I have a DSC-F707. I have 3 - 128mb memory sticks and 1 - 64mb memory stick, all Sony and all the sudden non of them were reading it would pop up the same error. I tried the ERASER, I tried messing with the little prongs inside the camara that touch the memory sticks, I tried inserting each memory stick rapidly for more than 10 times and nothing ever worked. My last resort was a post on page 4 at the bottom about someone that bangged the camara a bit out of frustration and fixed it. BANG THE CRAP OUT OF YOUR CAMARA!, in everywhich angle. The first 5 blows didnt do it so I tried different areas to bang the camara and after like 10 times hitting it medium and softly with my palm it finally started reading ALL the memory sticks. I formatted them quickly just incase, but I dont think that that was the problem with my camara. USE THIS ALTERNATIVE AS YOUR LAST IF YOU DONT WANT TO PAY MONEY. I strongly recommend banging your camara to an extent that you dont break it if all else fails. HUGO

    Comment 1, Last comment by meniel Oct 09, 2011

    I have a Sony Mavica FD-85 and used it today and when my disk was full I changed it and it gave a clinking noise and then I got the C:13:01 FORMAT ERROR.
    I did talk to a sony dealer and they said they never heard of this problem with a disk that had been formatted in the camera. It sounds like it should be a E: problem which requires service. Does anyone know how to fix this on their own? I would welcome any advice as I don't want to take it in for service as this would be a great difficultly for me.

    Comments 4, Last comment by Mr.Bear Jun 23, 2010

    I think I found out how to utilize the Sandisk Magicgate 256mb memory stick on Sony Digital Camera. Just did it successfully! I have a DSC-P73 Sony Cyber-shot. First, I insert the Sandisk stick into the camera. Of course, I get C:13:01 memory error. Then I plug my USB cable from my camera to my computer. After that, I go to "My Computer" to find the drive that my camera is connected. Then, I right click the drive and select format. I have Window XP home edition. I click the box where it says "quick format" and click "OK" Finally, Whalla! There is connection! No more C:13:01 error! Please let me know if this works for you. Soli Deo Gloria!

    Comment 1, Last comment by tiny Nov 19, 2009

    I have tried all the solutions on this page and I finally got the format error to disappear when first accessing the disk, but then after taking a picture, it makes a terrible noise like the turning of the disk is not working properly. Any suggestions.

    Comments 4, Last comment by Patricia Sep 23, 2009

    That worked for my MVC-FD87 as well. Thank you Mike


    I had the same C:13:01 Disk Error problem on my Sony Movica MVC-FD85. I just grabbed the air pump, with which you mostly clean your keyboard. Put the nozzle in the slot, where you put the disk in. Run the dry air for 10-20 seconds and here it will be cleaned in side and the camera will start working as it was new. Good luck.


    Have tried the full format and the quick format. Still receive the disk error message., Have a FD73 and FD75. Both have disk error messages.


    Hi Deb, Thanks for your advice re the Disk Error. I'm having the same problem. My question is: how do you format the disk properly on the computer??? Thanks. Jerry


    I have a Sony Cyber Shot, and got the c:13:01 error message as well. My memory stick worked fine when I put it into my computer, but the camera kept telling me to insert the memory stick whenever I tried to use it. After looking through the messages on this board, I planned to format the memory stick as a poster said that would eliminate the error. Prior to fomatting, I browsed through the pics on the memory stick to ensure I had them all copied to the computer, and saw one that was somehow corrupted. I erased that picture, and did not format the memory stick, and now the error is gone. Hopefully this may help someone else having a similar problem.


    i ask a service for format error problem which please help me from it lexar memory stick 128mb that it problem format erro C:13:01


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