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Re: Error Codes Assistance

Dean Posted Jan 01, 2005, in response to:Stacy Sample

I have a Sharp Camcorder Model No. VL-E630U. It opens and closes normally except with the Hi-8 tape inserted. This causes an error code E007 and it will not retract the tape back into the camera. after a few seconds it pops the carrage open to remove the tape.


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    I have the same camcorder. I use regular 8mm tapes, not Hi-8. I started having the same error come up recently and cannot use the camcorder. I have not been able to find out what is causing the problem. No answers on the net about what E007 pertains to. If you know anything, please let know. Thanks Joe

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    I have a Sharp VL-Z3 which I purchased in mid-2003. It worked fine for about two years before I began getting the E007 code. Same problem as everyone else - tape is stalled, it will not record, fast forward, rewind or play and makes a dinging sound every time I hit record. There is no information regarding this error code in the manual, which I think is amazing, considering they had to have programmed the error code number into the camera ... Anyway, it has been several months and I have found no information regarding this error code online - my warranty is obviously up and I also read online that Sharp discontinued manufacturing video cameras at all. If you google this error code, you will come across many forums of people complaining that their cameras are not working because of E007 (as well as a DEW error, which also appears to be common) but not ONE SINGLE comment from ANYONE who has discovered how to repair the issue. Therefore, here is my advice. If you get an error code EOO7 or DEW on your Sharp camcorder (any model), don't waste your life looking for a repair. There are none. The cameras are poorly manufactured and often break down after a year. Chalk it up to a loss. After many months of stewing in anger, I am throwing mine in the trash and purchasing another brand of camera. I will not be purchasing another Sharp electronic. Ever.

    Comments 3, Last comment by patricia Sep 05, 2009

    I am Mariano Cabrera I have a camcorder sharp. a code of error e007 appeared please some help thank you mariano

    Comment 1, Last comment by zoe cragg Jul 29, 2006


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