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Sony DSC-S40 white LCD screen problem

Bob Allen Posted Jul 26, 2006

Sony DSC-S40 white LCD screen problem

Please send me the images for the fix for this problem. Thank you very much! Bob Allen The Allen's of Allentown, PA USA


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    WOW !!! BOB THANK YOU!!!! I have had the same intermittent problem with my Sony and everytime I try to demonstarate to retail store the issue, it would work fine, making me feel like an idiot. They said we can fix something that is not broken. Recently I was not so lucky. Now that it is out of warranty it shows up and has stayed permanent. Sony and the retail store acted like they never heard of the problem, but for a handsome fee would repair the camera ( I can nw buy a new one for what they want to repair this one) When you go onto google you see many people have had the very same issue with the very same model. Sounds like a manufacturing defect to me. We can all show sony how displeased we are with their lack of concern and that is to buy another brand next time. For the price you pay for these things they should last longer than a few months. And it is obvious that there is something coming loose a bad connector or something. The first time it worried me as I knew it was the sign of a real problem, but I replaced the batteries and it worked fine . Now that it is out of warranty the problem showed up again and nothing seemed to work.. Looked as if I would be looking to buy a new cam HOWEVER thanks to you it WORKED!!! (still can't believe it) I will buy a new cam but you can bet I will be looking at alternatives to Sony.. Ashame because other than this issue it is a great cam with excellent battery life. Anyway again TY! TY! TY!

    Comment 1, Last comment by Bob Allen Nov 08, 2006

    This really seemed like a bogus fix for the camera. I tried it reluctantly. Holy crap!!! It works! One knock from my knuckle on the logo. Thanks all

    Comment 1, Last comment by Bob Allen Nov 05, 2006

    Could not thank you enough..... wow it actually worked. THANKS!!!!!!


    thanks a lot really works

    Comment 1, Last comment by Bob Allen Oct 09, 2006

    Holy $#!^ This actually works!!!

    Comment 1, Last comment by sivaram.v Aug 28, 2006
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