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Sony DSC-S40 white LCD screen problem

Bob Allen Posted Jul 26, 2006

Sony DSC-S40 white LCD screen problem

Please send me the images for the fix for this problem. Thank you very much! Bob Allen The Allen's of Allentown, PA USA


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    Thanks Bob, I almost gave BestBuy more business. Who would have ever guessed it would be so simple to fix,

    Comment 1, Last comment by Bob Allen Dec 10, 2006

    Bob, YOU ROCK!! I'm actually in a "help chat" with a Sony rep as I type this, and after two (pathetic) attempts, I was told that my camera needed to be serviced. I found your solution by googling my issue, and voi la! I can see color now! YAY! And just in time for Christmas!

    Comment 1, Last comment by Bob Allen Dec 09, 2006

    now what do you know about that. My daughter wanted a new camera for christmas since her dsc-s40 lcd went white. I smacked the cyber logo and, voila, it worked! Now i have to think of another present, or wrap this one up and give it again! Just kidding... Thanks.


    I'm so glad that I found this message board--I had no idea that so many people had the same white screen problem as I do! I sent the camera to Sony and it was repaired under warranty and sent back. Now the year-long warranty is up and I have experienced the white screen problem AGAIN, even after I sent it in to be fixed. I'm pretty annoyed with Sony. This white screen problem happened at the most inopportune time--at the hospital when my first daughter was born. That was the whole reason why we bought the camera in the first place--to take pictures of her from birth onward. That was the first time the screen went white and I didn't realize that you could still take pictures, just not use the LCD. I was DEVASTATED. Here was a moment that would never happen again and our camera was not working properly. Thankfully my dad brought his camera to the hospital and we have pictures, but what a huge disappointment in that Sony camera! One thing is for sure, I will never buy a Sony camera again. However, thank you so much for the quick-fix advice. When that nasty white screen shows up again--as it inevitably will--I will know what to do about it.


    thanks so much for the post, your solution worked!

    Reply did work!!


    your fix worked, thank you!!!!! Juts went blank today ( all white), gort it working somewhat...but very coloured...strange hues in screen....however your 'fix' is now working as it is supposed to be. once again thnaks

    Comment 1, Last comment by Bob Allen Nov 23, 2006

    Can you please send me the pictures? Thanks, steve

    Comment 1, Last comment by Bob Allen Nov 19, 2006

    My screen went white last week and wouldn't come on at all. One tap on the front logo, and it works. Thanks.


    Legend!!! It works.


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