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Re[2]: Convergence problem with JVC AV-48WP74 tv

Alan Posted May 23, 2007, in response to:coldfriction

Things did not go so well with my install. The red gun went out of convergence on my TV, and I went to my local retailer, and they did not have the 150 chips, only the 110s. I went ahead and installed the 110 chips. When I powered up the TV, all I heard was a thumping sound, and a click like a relay going off and on. I turned it off, and removed the convergence board. It was then I noticed the smoked resistor. One of the 2.2 resistors what discolored, but I did not notice it because it was discolored on the bottom of the resistor. Sure enough, it tested open. So tomorrow I am going to pick up the 2.2 resistor I need to replace (I did test the rest, they were ok), but I would like to know if yall think I fried my 110 chips by running it with one open resistor? Also, I marked all my connections when I took the board out, but I noticed one extra plug-in one the large silver compontent that is to the left of the 100 chip assemblies when facing the TV. It is a 6 pin connection in the side of the silver box (im not sure what it is..) Is there supposed to be a plug in this connection? Thanks, C. Alan


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    Alan, I have the same model AV48WP74 and I also have that thumping noise you experienced. When I power it up, I have no pic or sound just that audio thumping repetitive noise coming from the speakers. From what I've read, thats the protective circuit kicking in and out. What did you do to fix it? Thanks

    Comment 1, Last comment by Alan Jul 11, 2007


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