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Error Codes Assistance

Stacy Sample Posted Jan 23, 2004

Assistance for Error Codes

If anyone is having any kind of Error code, clean head icon or any other concern, contact me first before assuming you have a problem. My e-mail is I am knowledgeable and have helped many people past their error codes without service. Several things can cause error codes and I would be more than happy to assist you in determining if you do indeed have a problem and what options you have available. Please refer to this site if you contact me. Thank you. Stacy Sample Service Coordinator Houston, Texas


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    Re: Error Codes Assistance

     Stephanie Posted Sep 15, 2009

    when i turn my camera on all tht pops up is lens error: 0x04110000 wh is it doing this and is there anything i can do to fix it? is there a reset button somehwere?? i really dont know why it did this.


    Hi i have an error code coming up on my digital camera, its a pentax optio e60 10.1 mp, it started when i was at the beach the other day so there may be some sand in it. I was trying to open it but the screws are too small, i have blew air through all the holes but nothing is changing, any advice thanks!!


    Re: Error Codes Assistance

     renee Posted Sep 18, 2008

    I have a kodak easy share z712 IS and i am getting an error code L02 with a blue screen. can you help me with this. Is it something i can fix or is the camera useless. The lense will not retract in or out when i turn it on. Please help me if you can. thanks

    Comment 1, Last comment by Meb padamsey Sep 11, 2009

    Re: Error Codes Assistance

     allen Posted Dec 18, 2008

    I own a 2008 hyundai tiburon and it comes stock with a clarion deck. This deck takes "sD" cards, so I bought a 8gb Hewlet packard SD high capacity card. I insert the card into deck and it reads error 7

    Comment 1, Last comment by TKey Sep 11, 2009

    Hello, I have a HP Pavillion dv6000. When I put a cd in the drive and try to rip to my computer I get a message saying there needs to be a cd drive in order to do this function. When I looked up the drive in my computer I found this error code Hitachi 00000013. If you could be any help I would be grateful. Thank you Mike


    Re: Error Codes Assistance

     Carlos Posted Jan 06, 2005

    Hi, I am getting an error code on my sony uvw1800 betacam deck. The code is: Error 31-000 I do not have a tech manual to reference this code. If you could help me with information for this, I would really appreciate it. If you can provide information, and a solution, please email me at: Thanks

    Comment 1, Last comment by dave Price Sep 08, 2009

    Re: Error Codes Assistance

     Dean Posted Jan 01, 2005

    I have a Sharp Camcorder Model No. VL-E630U. It opens and closes normally except with the Hi-8 tape inserted. This causes an error code E007 and it will not retract the tape back into the camera. after a few seconds it pops the carrage open to remove the tape.

    Comments 3, Last comment by patricia Sep 05, 2009

    Have a 2005 JEEP Grand Cherokee and my cd player recently began giving me "disc error" and will not eject or load cds.

    Comment 1, Last comment by Jason Aug 29, 2009

    i also have the same problem code f-61 on my panasonic stereo please help me


    Re: Error Codes Assistance

     dorian b Posted Aug 27, 2009

    i get error message E-04. Do you know what is causing this? nothing will play.


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