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Re: JVC error codes assistance

Stacy Sample Posted Jan 23, 2004, in response to:Paul

I am available to assist anyone who is experiencing any kind of error code or icon. Please contace me at with your concern and I will see if I can assist you in troubleshooting your problem. It may or may not actually be your camcorder. Please refer to this site when you e-mail me. I look forward to assisting you. :)


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    Hi, I saw your website and hope that you can assist me. My JVC Camcorder is Model GR-DVL805U. I am getting an error message E04 and E06 telling me to the Unit is in safe Mode and to remove and re-attach the battery. I have tried this solution several times but this doesn't resolve the problem. Can you help me? What is the fix for this error message. Any help youcan give will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Moses


    I have a JVC-AX7 camcorder that has the code E01 come up after a few seconds or immediatly after pushing the record button. I have changed the battery and used the power adapter, which made no difference. When it powers up, I can hear the motor turning, but the counter does not display. What could be the problem and what does "E01" mean exactly. Thank you.


    Hi...I have error code EO1 that appears on the screen and I can't get the tape transport to open. Do you know what the code means? Thanks...John


    JVC Camcorder GR-SX90 Sometimes: E 04 Flashes on screen when in camera mode then I cannot activate camera When, (by switching on and off a few times) I am able to eliminate the E 04 the camera records with no indication of a problem in the viewfinder window But; when in PLAY mode or in VCR adaptor playback the picture deteriorates in different ways as follows 1 A black "snowstorm" on a white background. (Full screen) 2 a horizontal half picture with half black snowstorm on white filling the rest of the screen 3 a part picture horizontally centered with a 1/4 black snowstorm on white top and bottom of screen. NO LOCAL REPAIR CENTER WITHIN 100 Miles Is this minor or major problem ??? I have about 30 unused mini cassettes Super VHS and standard to consider before abandoning my camcorder D.Lomas 360 671 5768

    Comment 1, Last comment by ernman Jan 21, 2007

    Pause - condensation error. Stays on all the time regardless of weather conditions.

    Comment 1, Last comment by ron williams Jan 16, 2007

    Good morning, I have a JVC VHS-C GR-AX730 compact VHS. I have an old tape inside the unit. The unit will not eject the tape. I am receiving error code E02, which I think is the Supply Reel Error. I don't use the unit any longer and really want the tape inside. How can I retreive the tape without harming the tape. I don't care about the unit. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Mike


    i have jvc camcorder, the model number is GR-D244US, its giving a condensation error, and tape isn't ejectin, how do i get it fixed?


    I have a JVC gr-d70u that is giving me an E04 error code. Says it is in the safe mode. Remove and reinsert tape. the basket goes in ok without a tape in it. but whan I put a tape in, it will not go in.


    I have the JVC GR-DVL300 camcorder which has been experiencing the E04 error. I am able to eject the tape from time to time, and have not seen any sign of the tape being eaten. Sometimes the screen shows multiple images with a black margin on the left. I bought JVC tapes bu tthey worked only for a while. What do have to do to resolve this problem?

    Comment 1, Last comment by Helen Colman Jan 02, 2007

    The camcorder says that the lens cap is on when it isn't and at the bottom of the screen flashing there is what looks a portrait icon with back and forward triangles to the right and then what looks like a mountain. Any ideas? I can view tapes I just can't record.

    Comment 1, Last comment by Allen Bott Dec 27, 2006
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