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Re: JVC error codes assistance

Stacy Sample Posted Jan 23, 2004, in response to:Paul

I am available to assist anyone who is experiencing any kind of error code or icon. Please contace me at with your concern and I will see if I can assist you in troubleshooting your problem. It may or may not actually be your camcorder. Please refer to this site when you e-mail me. I look forward to assisting you. :)


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    I have a JVC DVC Modle Number GRD21EK and have had a condensation error running for over a year. It comes and goes but is becoming more and more of a nuisance. It also seems to occure mainly during the summer (?). I eventually cleaned the heads last autumn and it improved for a while but has come back with a vengence. I read on the Pechorin's newsgroup that this is a HD error. If this is the case should JVC carry out repairs gratis? I was quoted £200 for a repair but at this price I might as buy a new one - perhaps a Sony! Is there anybody in the Hertford area who might be able to fix this for me?


    Have a JVC GR-D31EK camcorder, and it suddenly came up with error E0 unit has gone into safe guard mode. Tried all the fixes (well the sensible ones anyway) and it now doesnt error but the whole camera is so slow it is unusable, wont focus, no menus, 10 attempts to eject tape. Any ideas?

    Comment 1, Last comment by Dave Manders Aug 24, 2006



    I am getting an error 15 on my JVC KD-GT7. Is this something you can help with I know it is an older car audio reciever. But your assistance would be greatly appreciated.


    Re: Re: JVC error codes assistance

     J Posted Jul 19, 2004


    Comment 1, Last comment by brouch mohamed Aug 10, 2006

    I have a GR-DVL300 which give an error E04. I took the battery out and tape out - no help. Anything more I can do? Thank you Assaf Zach

    Comment 1, Last comment by Dennis Jul 12, 2006

    Samsung DEW Sensor Problem

     Celena Posted Dec 09, 2004

    HELP!! My MiniDV Samsung camcorder has shut down because "dew" keeps flashing on the LCD screen. It will not take a tape or do anything. Is there a way to reset the sensor or remove it. If so, where is it located within the camera? Thanks.

    Comments 4, Last comment by PeteJohnson Jul 02, 2006

    Hi Stacy, I have JVC MINI DV Camcorder model # GR DVL805U, I am getting Error: "E04 Unit In Safegaurd Mode, Remove And Reattach battery ". I tired to connect with AC adapteer, same error, If you remove Tape then Error disappears. Please help me, Thanks a bunch .....Umesh

    Comment 1, Last comment by Steve Jones Jun 28, 2006

    I have a JVC GR-DVM90 digital vidio camera. I turn it on and try to do anything with it involving rolling of tape, playing, taping, fast forward or backword. When that is attempted, the unit hums for a second, then displays this error message: "E04 Unit in Safegard mode" Then it shuts off. The manual's trouble shooting sections says I should try removing the battery/power supply for several minutes. Hopefully that will allow the "brains" of the unit to reset and return to operation. I tried several times. The manual says that if multiple failures of resetting are experienced, contact a JVC dealer for assistance. The dealers know very little. JVC has a Customer Service phone number. They said I could send it in and for a $70 fee they will evaluate the unit. Repair could cost much more. It's about a 4 year old unit. New updated versions of such a camera are very competatively priced. I rarely used the camera. Only six tapes have been filled in 4 years. I use the still camera feature more. What to do. David Palm Springs, CA


    Hi I have a JVC GR_AXM151 VHS Camcorder I get an error message EO3 remove batter and reatach but this doen`t fix the problem it keeps pupping up and will not let me record? thanks

    Comments 2, Last comment by Paco Govea May 21, 2006
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